IPG in brief

2022 origins of the firm

The crossover investment firm with fresh mindset focusing on diversified growth investment opportunites

Principal capital

The current AUM is fully committed by the management and shareholder

Global footprint

Tokyo | London

Our Approach

Sustainable infrastructure

Further to attractive financial returns over the cycle, our capitals must have a positive impact on society at large. This could include support of the green transition, ed-tech, rennovation and upcycle eco-system opportunities.

Greenfield Initiatives

We are providing private equity and debt to develop best-in-class global companies from the greenfield stage. Notably through strategic collaborations among our portfolio companies, we support them to outperform competition and reach their full potential.

Selected Portfolios

IPG including its management provide long-term capital and operational expertise. We play a vital role in helping its portfolio companies to reach their full growth potential.

Deallab(Exited in 2023)

IPG provided growth capital to Deallab.
Deallab is a database platform to provide a market share of more than 330 global sectors. Deallab also provides insightful information that cover activist campaigns, potential M&A targets owned by private equity, and startup chaos mapping.

IPG successfully announced a sale of Deallab to Aidma HD

Siiibo (Exited in 2022)

IPG management provided private debt to Siiibo and supports the continuation of its growth initiatives.
Siiibo is an online securities company specializing in private bonds. More..


IPG has developed and built solar energy facilities across Japan.
Currently, 3 solar power plants are operated by IPG.

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